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Lees Ferry apricots ready to harvest

Fruit in the historic orchard at Lees Ferry are getting ripe.

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Faces of Page: Arleen Miller

Arleen Miller was born in Waterflow, New Mexico, at her grandmother’s house, near Shiprock.

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Manson Mesa High Pioneer Janice Prather Retires

All teachers leave behind a significant legacy in the students they’ve influenced who then go out and influence the world, and Janice Prather, who retired from Manson Mesa High School in May, certainly did that.

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Arizona Teachers Get 20 Percent Raise

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a $11.4 billion spending bill Friday.

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Anna Kidman Selected for All-State Honor Choir

Anna Kidman auditioned for the Arizona Music Educators Association All-State Honor Choir as a soprano, and for the first time in several years, she is the first student in Page to be selected for all-state choir, two years in a row.

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Bonnie Rene Clouse

Bonnie was the Office Manager for Greenehaven Development Corporation.

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Fearn Rolla Vest

He worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the navajo Reservation in Kayenta, Ariz., Moenave, Ariz. and then settling in Tuba City, Ariz.

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Harvey Conley

Harvey was an avid, longtime bowler and frequented Page's bowling lanes.

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Jim Wilson, Jr.

Jim was a P.E. specialist and taught and coached for most of his adult life.

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Jane M. Cabral

Jane worked as a nurse for 47 years.

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