(BPT) - How can you assess the impact of a technological advancement like AI, which has raced at lightning speed across every sector of the globe? While the opportunity of AI is still evolving, some …

Votebeat reports on hand-counting errors found in a Texas county's election results.

SmartAsset ranks U.S. counties and states with the biggest and smallest gender pay gap as well as locations where women make the most money.

SmartAsset ranks U.S. counties and states with the biggest and smallest gender pay gap as well as locations where women make the most money.

When it comes to teen mental health, The Hechinger Report found that traditional measures of well-being don't match what youth are saying about their mental health.

(BPT) - Andrew “Andy” Horn has always had an independent spirit.“I knew I was going to see the world.”The oldest of six kids, growing up in Chicago, his desire to travel was …

Next City investigates how medical debt will be canceled for up to 1 million Arizona residents under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Ollie consulted with veterinary experts and dove into dog nutrition research to get to the bottom of what is and isn't safe for dogs to eat—and why.

(BPT) - By Holly O’Neill, President, Retail BankingSocial media has become a hub of personal finance advice, giving rise to countless trends from soft saving to loud budgeting to cash stuffing. …

by Darris Cooper, CPDT-KA, FFCP (NAPSI)—Many people found comfort in their animals during the pandemic, whether they already had a pet, newly adopted, or helped care for a family member’s pet. …

Findbusinesses4sale used data from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences to break down the 10 products that require the most water.

Stacker researched and created this list of 10 celebrities who have found success within the growing cannabis industry thus far.

(BPT) - Do you want to live more sustainably but don’t know where to start? Leading a sustainable life doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can make a difference right at home. …

SD Bullion used data from the World Gold Council to break down gold consumption per capita, identifying countries with the greatest consumer demand

Reasons to be Cheerful reports on floodplain restoration in California's Central Valley as climate change intensifies both flooding and drought.  

OLBG crunched the numbers to reveal the most opulent casino resorts in the world, complete with the most sumptuous (and budget-friendly) rooms and favorites for celeb sightings.

With transgender and non-binary bathrooms being a hotly debated topic, The 19th explains how to create a safer environment for vulnerable individuals.

The Daily Yonder reports on how a lack of resources to secure federal funds could threaten the success of a rural community's sustainability plan.

(Family Features) People who feed wild birds also want to know they're feeding the most natural and nutritious options. It's hard to be confident when reading the mystifying ingredient list on feed bags makes you feel like a bird brain.

(NAPSI)—In the Spring, people often focus on the outdoors when it comes to air quality. But indoor air quality (IAQ) is also a crucial aspect of overall health and well-being. Unbeknownst to many, …

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