Jimmy R. Lange

March 30, 1938 - July 23, 2018

1938… A great hero was born. Superman made his debut, but another great man would make his first appearance. Jim Lange was born March 30, 1938 in San Diego, CA to Frederick and Jenny Lange.

His childhood & teenage years were sandent in Los Angeles, where at a young age he went to work with his father as well as attending school.

His later teenage years and early twenties were spent in the United State sMarine Corps, in which he took pride, but chose to never discuss.

He met the woman he’d marry in 1961, by chance, through a couple they both knew. Jim was involved with another but after meeting Donna Mae Sheldon, he broke it off. He and Donna were married May 19, 1962. Not long after, they welcomed their first son, Mike, who greeted his little brother, Tim a few years later.

The brothers would soon cherish the third Lange child, beautiful baby sister Tawnie. To even the odds, another daughter, Becky would join the family.

Jim spent his years as owner/operator of Lange Hardwood Floors, that he took over once his father retired after 50 years. Jim would continue to run it another 33 years. As soon as his work day would end, you could find him either in his garage reloading and drinking iced tea or during baseball season, watching a game on television. His love of ‘America’s National Pastime’ would take the family to many Dodgers games and assist in ‘love of the game’ while coaching his sons Little League teams.

Lange Hardwood Floors would provide the capability for the family to enjoy the outdoors by taking many camping, fishing and hunting trips. Many a memory would be made during these trips and are still with us today. These adventures would ignite Jim’s love of shooting and his support of the Second Amendment.

He was a lifetime member of the NRA and throughout his days he instilled the “right to bear arms” into his children. Until his last day he would defend and honor what our Forefathers stood for. In 1992 Jim and Donna moved from California to the small, but growing city of Page, Ariz.

Here he became a fixture of The Shootist & Styx, where he’d made several friends and along the way, foes. Jim was an opinionated man about his values and beliefs. He was dedicated and passionate. Regardless if you agreed, there was respect. He was a good man. He was God fearing and knew the “lord is a great God, a great King above all Gods.”
He was an honest hard-working man that provided for his family.

He was a true friend. Teddy Roosevelt once said, “The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name.”

Jim Lange did this and taught his children never to back down and never to settle.

Jim was called home by Our Heavenly Father July 23, 2018. Revelation 21:4.

Jim is survived by his wife of 56 years, Donna; His children Mike, Tim (Ann), Tawnie  and Becky (Jeff); Grandchildren Jennifer, Anthony, Joey, Jackie, Rebeccah, Nicole, Jayci Mae and Joe. Great grandchildren Paytience, Kaylob, Dareian, Gunner, Saydee Maye and Riley. Not to mention several friends, including the Ano family.
Semper Fi Dad – Valhalla welcomes a True Warrior.

Celebration of Jim’s life will be held on Saturday, September 22, 11 a.m. at the Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church.