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Distorting the news and the well-rehearsed smile

Photographing people in their natural states, unposed and off-guard, presents different challenges. Truly photogenic people are rare. It has little to do with attractiveness or having a fabulous smile. It has more to do with the natural and consistent state of their faces.
I’ve taken many posed photos of friends and family members and, for the most part, they all have the same exact smile in every photo. It’s a well-rehearsed smile reserved for photographs and greeting people.

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The coronavirus is serious

Make no mistake. The coronavirus is serious. It is deadly. It is highly contagious. And, it is still prevalent throughout the United States. To date, over 200,000 Americans have lost their lives to this novel virus – far more than most other contagious illnesses and diseases.

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I think Oprah would make a great president

I'm looking for a less divisive candidate.

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Americans need big, wild lands

Big, wild places are important for the human spirit.

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Humans are not cups

I wouldn't say no to a nap.

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A hundred memories held inside a sleeve

Utilizing the power of music to create lasting Christmas memories with my daughter.

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It was a time of transitions this week in Page

Steven Law takes notice of the changes occurring in our fair city last week.

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I've been a fan of small town journalism since 1985

When writing a news story I try to emulate the editor of my small hometown paper, who approached a news story with heart and compassion.

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Pageites have numerous reasons to give thanks

From a bountiful harvest to a bountiful Halloween, from a successful balloon regatta to the return of happy travelers, almost everyone in Page has a happy tale to tale.

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Learning, and sometimes failing, in the public eye

The editor apologizes for leaving out the second half of last week's football story.

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That autumn heater smell

Steven Law writes about why fall is his favorite season.

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