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Wild horses need to stop ruling the range

They are icons of America’s past, symbols of our pioneering spirit. Eyes flashing, nostrils flaring, tails obscured by a cloud of dust, they tear across the landscape. I am, of course, referring to feral hogs.

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Wild horses deserve a home in the West

I live in a rural county heavily dependent on ranching and agriculture, and though I often hear people talk about threats from large predators like bears or lions, I never hear complaints about wild horses living on our public lands.

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What’s in a trail?

Did you know there are 30 National Scenic and Historic Trails across the country, and Page is fortunate to be situated near two of them?

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Can we live with electric mountain bikes on trails?

The first time I saw an electric bike – better known as an ebike – I was struggling up a hill. Suddenly, a silver-haired man came whizzing by in regular city clothes. I felt a wave of envy as he left me in the dust.

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Distorting the news and the well-rehearsed smile

Photographing people in their natural states, unposed and off-guard, presents different challenges. Truly photogenic people are rare. It has little to do with attractiveness or having a fabulous smile. It has more to do with the natural and consistent state of their faces.
I’ve taken many posed photos of friends and family members and, for the most part, they all have the same exact smile in every photo. It’s a well-rehearsed smile reserved for photographs and greeting people.

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