The holidays are here

City of Page employees put up Christmas decorations on Lake Powell Boulevard on Nov. 16, a sure sign that the holiday season is upon us. Over the weekend, Lake Powell Chronicle asked several people on the streets of Page about their plans for Thanksgiving. Although a few Grumpy Grinches said they were “too busy” to spend 30 seconds opining about the holidays, others did take the time to share what they were thankful for.

Among them was Joe from Big Water, Utah, who said he would be spending Thanksgiving alone and was thankful “to be alive and to know that my friends are healthy.” He added that he supports those in need and feels blessed.

Shawna from Utah said she already had Thanksgiving with family members in Page and was simply thankful to be “here on Earth.” Ronny from St. George, Utah, said he was thankful for his wife and family, with whom he would be spending Thanksgiving.

James, from Lehigh, Utah, said he was heading to Tempe, Arizona, to spend Thanksgiving with family members. He said he was thankful for his wife and children, who will be traveling with him.


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