Part of Padre Bay closed after human feces discovered

Could take weeks to clean up

Last Wednesday, the National Park Service closed the Kane Creek Canyon section of Padre Bay after it was deemed unsafe for recreational activities due to potential exposure to human feces.
Witnesses reported that a houseboat with more than 20 occupants did not comply with laws and regulations about the proper disposal of human waste.  
Evidence suggests the occupants of the houseboat, rather than use approved waste containment systems, instead defacated into holes dug into the beach behind their houseboat.
The National Park Service arranged to have the feces piles cleaned up last Wednesday but after crews visited the clean up site in Kane Creek Canyon, they deemed the operation too extensive to do in a single day.
Cleanup of the area will be a significant challenge and the health hazard may persist for weeks or months.
The incident is under investigation.
All visitors to Lake Powell who are camping within a quarter mile of the lake shore must use a portable waste-containment system.
“Lake Powell is one of the cleanest reservoirs in the United States, and we need everyone’s help to keep it that way,” said Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Superintendent William Shott.

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