Page Public Library hosts Night Out with Pops

Fathers and their children enjoy Night Out with Pops at Page Public Library on Nov. 17.

Page Public Library hosted Night Out with Pops on Nov. 17. Fathers and grandparents had dinner and spent the evening doing fun crafts with their children.

“The slots for the program filled up fast. We added a waiting list just in case we had any cancellations,” said Seairah Combest, Page Public Library’s children’s coordinator.

When the library organized Night Out with Pops years ago, it was popular back then, too. The library staff understands that building individual parent-child relationships is essential to all areas of development. The library will once again host this program once every quarter.

A study from Pennsylvania State University found that the more time kids spent alone with their fathers, the higher their self-esteem, and the more time spent with their dads in a group setting, the better their social skills. 

“Genesis and I had the best time ever,” said Al Nezy, one of the fathers who attended last week’s event. “The library should have more Nights Out with Pops. It was great bonding time with Genesis and a great time to socialize with other fathers. I will defiantly go to another one.”    

The library provides programs every weekday for children and twice a week for kids under 5. Librarians also provide basic early literacy education for parents and caregivers.  

For more information on programs for kids, teens and adults, please stop by the library to get a calendar of events or visit the Library on Facebook (

The library would like to thank the Bird House for supporting Nights Out with Pops. 


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