Page non-profits encouraged to apply for grants

Though the money comes from the state, the decision process is made locally.

The Page/Lake Powell Community Foundation is beginning their new grant season. Any Page area 501 c3 non-profit is eligible to receive the grant.
“Please apply, we have lots of money,” said Angie  Woodberry, who chairs the Page/Lake Powell Community Foundation.

Page’s Community Foundation works in conjunction with the Arizona Community Foundation.

“The Foundation provides financial support to projects serving Page, Tuba City and Williams,” said Gwen Groth, Regional Philanthropic Coordinator for the Arizona Community Fund.

The grant application opened this week. Completed applications must be submitted by 4 p.m. on Monday, March 26 to be eligible for consideration.
Non-profit organizations, public schools, municipalities and tribal entities are invited to apply for amounts ranging from $500 to $4,000.

Grant funding is available to support youth, education, social services, healthcare, senior services, the arts and other community needs.
The grant money comes from the state level but the decision process happens on a local level, said Woodberry.

“You shouldn’t feel intimidated,” said Woodberry. “You’re not competing with organizations in Phoenix. We have our own local board and we decide on a local level.

“If you’re a local non-profit who is doing good work, or even if you want to start a new one you should consider applying for this grant.”
Most years the grant money is distributed in June.

All applications must occur online. To apply go to

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