Newest game in town: Lake Powell-Opoly

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PAGE – A small company in Cincinnati, Ohio, is making waves in the Lake Powell area.

The company, Late for The Sky, started in 1985. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because one is old enough to remember Jackson Brown’s album of the same name. Bill Schule, vice president at Late for The Sky, says they were huge fans of singer-songwriter who sang “Doc- tor My Eyes,” “The Pretender,” and “Here Come Those Tears.”

In 1985, Schulte was working at the family business as a printer. He was preceded by three generations of printers. Then he met Robin Wilson who wanted Schulte to print a Monopoly-style game for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. They became partners in the new venture and began making the game for other universities.

They contacted Parker Brothers with the idea and were told they could make the game as long as they didn’t use protected trademarks. In other words, no licensing fees or no royalties. The company had found a niche.

Their business took another positive turn when Walmart showed an interest two years ago. When asked where ideas for new games came from, Schulte said, “Suggestions from Walmart consultants. Walmart is almost never wrong.” It turns out Walmart’s demographic is the same as Late for the Sky’s.

Lake Powell-Opoly was released Sunday, June 23. This reporter stopped by Walmart early Saturday morning and saw the aisle’s endcap stacked high with Lake Powell-Opoly games.

According to Schulte, they sold out over the weekend—all 350 copies. He says 1, 000 more copies should be on the shelves July 3. Late for The Sky isn’t late when it comes to meeting demand. They can fill large orders in their small shop in 1-2 weeks.

Editor’s note: Walmart on Haul Road sold out of Lake Powell-Opoly games as of Monday, July 1. Store employees said 1,000 more games would be available July 3. Due to trucking delays, the games won’t be available at the store until next week.


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