New Horseshoe Bend trail

Photo by Krista Allen/Lake Powell Chronicle

PAGE – Glen Canyon Recreation Area received $50,000 in funding to begin construction of the Glen Canyon Rim Trail. The new trail will go from the rim of Horseshoe Bend to the Glen Canyon Dam, with possible future connection to the City of Page’s Rimview Trail.

According to premier edition of The Glen Canyon Gazette published July 1, 2019, “The number one question we get from visitors is where they can go to hike in our park.”

The new newsletter also highlights recent accomplishments at Horseshoe Bend:
- Last summer the park opened the viewing platform with safety railing at the rim.
- The new ADA trail was partially completed in April 2019.
- Work continues on the ADA trail with plans to complete it in October. This will be the final section, connecting the city parking lot to the rim, with shade shelters to escape the desert heat.

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