Letter: Have your say while there is still time

Attend public hearing on light ordinance

Do you want to be told you have to replace the lights on your home, on your business or pay for modifications to street lights? Businesses, do you want to be required to extinguish your lights by ten o’clock each night? We already have a lighting code in the city of Page, but the council is about to consider adopting a new lighting ordinance that resembles a homeowner’s association list of rules and regulations. If approved, many homeowners, businesses and the city of Page will be required to replace existing light fixtures and conform to a strict set of regulations. The financial impact to businesses, homeowners and the citizens of Page will be significant.  
What the new ordinance lacks is any mention of the importance of security. People generally feel safer and more secure with MORE light, not less. I question why more input was not solicited from local law enforcement, Page Utility and citizens. This change will affect every single person in our community, yet I have not read anything in the quarterly city of Page newsletter that is sent to each box holder about the proposed changes, have you?   
Often, we do not realize the impact some of these changes will have on each of us until it is too late. This time, you have an opportunity to speak up to let the city council know how you feel about this important issue that will affect each and every person in the city of Page, both in the way we live and in our wallets. If you have not read it, you should.  
Encourage the city council to amend our existing code to include the approved use of LED lights. The proposed ordinance removes personal choice and regulates what can and, more importantly, what cannot be used for our own lighting. We are a community, not an HOA, where do we draw the line? Please attend the public hearing Aug. 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers.

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