Letter: Don’t let economic issues trump safety issues

Put safety first

I am writing in response to the article in the April 26 Chronicle edition titled “Tourism impact growing in Page” and a letter to the editor in the April 12 edition of the same titled “Do more for Page, not tourists.”
I was hoping the front page article in last week’s Chronicle was in response to the concerns of the letter writer mentioned a few weeks earlier. However, it did nothing more than provide statistics and economic data as if that is all that matters in terms of tourism impact.
Granted economic concerns are important, but the letter writer voiced concerns that many of us “townies” have long felt. Kudos to her. While most of the concerns she voiced were inconveniences, I believe the lack of traffic enforcement is a serious problem.
We’ve all seen our share of U-turns and stopping in the middle of the street, and as just this moment pointed out to me, illegal left hand turns involving vehicles with out-of-state tags.
It is a common topic of conversation during the summer among locals. Some say the lack of traffic enforcement during tourist season is because it’s bad for business, but a previous inquiry I made to officials said it was a staffing issue. Something’s going on.
Either way, I hope economic issues don’t trump safety issues, just as good planning practices will keep the area we all love from being loved to death, either figuratively or literally. 

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