David Schmuker re-elected mayor of Big Water

From left: Big Water candidates Vince Olsen, Anne Welch, Levi Banfill and Dave Schmuker answer questions submitted by the public on Nov. 2.

Official Kane County election results show that David Schmuker was re-elected to another term as mayor of Big Water, Utah. Levi Banfill and Judah Schmuker were elected to the town council.

Official Kane County election results show that out of 223 registered voters, 160 ballots were mailed and received by the town.  

According to the results, the 100% mail-in ballot election saw 71.75% voter turnout.  

David Schmuker received 72.15% of the vote, compared with 27.85% for Vince Olson.

In the close race for town council, Kane County results show that Banfill received 40.93% of the vote.

Schmuker got 30.25% and Anne Welch 28.83%, with only four votes separating the two candidates.


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