A party for Classic veteran Matt Stein

A2Photo by Bob Hembree/Lake Powell Chronicle
Matt Stein, COO of Classic Air Medical, during a surprise party at the Classic Air Hangar in Page, Arizona.

PAGE – Classic Air Medical threw a surprise party for Chief Operations Officer Matt Stein last week.

Like most surprise parties, it’s a hard secret to keep. Stein said he got wind of it a few days earlier, and it’s a good thing. He said he might have been on the lake and missed it.

He will remain COO but won’t be on the schedule as a pilot, though he said he would be available to fill in if needed. Stein has over 35 years under his belt as a commercial pilot. He’s been with Classic Air for 29 years.

Stein worked his way up the ranks at Classic. He began as a line EMS pilot. After a year, he became the lead line pilot. In 1999 he managed fuel retail operations. In 2005, Stein became medical program director. Then he was vice president of aviation operations in 2013. He became COO in 2014.

Stein said, “I’m going to continue my administrative duties as chief operations officer. I’ll be staying current in the helicopter and continue to fill in flying. I’ll come in and do a couple of shifts here and there and keep my skills up.”

Stein hasn’t made retirement plans yet but estimates “a couple years maybe.” Stein has lived in Page since 1994. He said, “I’ve raised my family here.” Both Stein’s children are medical professionals.



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