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NGS prepares to go Dark

Who pays for cleanup? What is the scope of the project? How will the region fill the economic void?

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What About the Library?

Members of the council and community were visibly affected. Tears were shed.

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2018 Best of Page Awards

Thirty-six awarded.

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Oh how I have missed you spring!

This marks my 60-day anniversary here in Page and as publisher of the Lake Powell Chronicle.

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2019 will be an auspicious year for Page, Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon

For Page the big days to watch for are Aug. 3 and 4.

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As American as Apple Pie

Apple pie didn't originate in America and only one of its ingredients could be found in America prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

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Welcome back Rolling Stone! I missed you

But will today's readers appreciate the old magic?

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I'm Ready for Summer

I'm ready to eat cherries straight off the tree and tomatoes straight off the vine.

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The Future of Fake News Will Be Very Sophisticated, and Terrifying

New apps and a self-teaching algorithm called DeepFake will make fake videos look as real as real videos. And that could cause chaos in future elections.

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