Walker ordained priest of St. David's Episcopal

Walker has been actively involved with St. Davids's since 2004.

Back in December of 2003 Kathalin Walker took her first steps on the soil in Arizona as a resident. With her previous studies she accomplished in Indiana, specifically in regards to her Masters in Theology, Walker was in search of her next chapter as to where she could practice her passion and acquired knowledge. Walker joined the St. David’s Episcopal family soon after her Arizona arrival and has been a valued vessel ever since. For several years, from 2004 to 2010, Walker poured her time, dedication, strength and genuine interest into her calling and her fellow congregation.

Through volunteer work, personal relationships and growth created by one-on-one discipleship, Walker has established herself into the community.
Last October Walker was ordained and was then allowed to fill in as priest. The six to eight months leading up to Walker’s ordination were spent helping out with services and assisting the temporary priests.

“I spent several years preparing for this day,” said Walker. “A bishop from Utah came up and did the ceremony. We have had priests on and off from 2004-2010. Since then it has just been part-time priests or no priests at all.”

St. David’s Episcopal has seen many variations of priests and very little consistency in that position. Walker says she has tried to remain ever-present and in close contact with the church for that very reason.

“Right now, my only goal and plan for the church is for the people to feel like there is consistency and to be available to them,” Walker said. “That can come in many different forms.”

Walker says her many years of relationships with the people at St. David’s Episcopal have prepared her for this day.

Walker’s extensive experience and relentless adhesive nature to the church community will undoubtedly make her an efficient and passionate fit for the priest position. In the famous words of John C. Maxwell, “A leader must be close enough to relate to others and far enough ahead to motivate them.” If you are interested in observing and supporting Walker and the church community she is faithfully committed to or are in search of your next church family. You can join St. David’s Episcopal services on Sundays at 10am.

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