Walk the walk or quit telling me what to do

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Climate change alarmists need to change their lives first

Last week, Jamie Brough ran a column where he agreed with Bill Nye, arguing that CNN should not allow scientists who disagree with global warming to share their views.
Brough was 100 percent correct when he said CNN is under no obligation to allow a dissenting voice because freedom of speech does not apply to a private business like CNN. Freedom of speech is a government rule. The government cannot silence free speech. CNN can, the Lake Powell Chronicle can and any private business can. That is a fact.
But where Jamie and Bill Nye get it wrong is the idea that a media organization — whether CNN, the Lake Powell Chronicle or any others — that trumpets free speech as to protect its ability to do its job should shut anyone up if they don’t agree with them.
At this paper, I decide what runs and doesn’t run in the paper. If I wanted to stop dissenting opinions, half the letters or guest columns that run in this paper would never see the light of day. But because I agree in free speech, I run all viewpoints, even when I disagree with every word.
In fact, if I made everyone who submitted things agree with me, Jamie’s column would have never run.
I might be in the minority, but I don’t believe in man-made global warming. Do I believe man can hurt the Earth? Yes I do. Do I believe we are damaging it? Yes I do. Do I believe we are changing the climate and putting all civilization at risk? Not at all.
You see, I have been following this topic and watching it closely for well more than a decade. I have watched as climate change alarmists have repeatedly claimed we are killing the Earth. Yet, none of their claims of doom have come to fruition.
Following the lead of Al Gore, many major media organizations came out in the early 2000s with this claim — Manhattan will be underwater by 2015 due to rising seas. And last I checked Manhattan is still dry.
Gore himself came out with his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and many of his claims were wrong.
Is the Earth warming slightly? Probably. But you know what, through its history the Earth has warmed and cooled many times. And it wasn’t because of man. The changing temperatures are both natural and cyclical. And I don’t have to be a scientist or play one on TV to see that.
Having said all that, my biggest complaint about climate change alarmists is the vast majority — easily that 97 to 98 percent Jamie and Bill Nye claim — are hypocrites.
You see, if I honestly believed my actions were destroying the Earth and would eventually lead to mass destruction of humanity, I would change my behavior. If I believed driving a car would kill the Earth, I would not own a car. If I believed using air conditioning or electricity was killing people, my family would be in a tent.
But no one I know who champions global warming has given up anything. Al Gore still lives in his mansion — one that used more electricity in a month than I use all year. Gore and Nye still fly around the Earth, leaving a much larger carbon footprint than me, all the time to spew their beliefs.
To Nye’s credit, he did make his home “energy efficient,” but if we’re destroying the Earth, maybe he should move out completely. Give up your luxuries and save the Earth.
Until those who claim I am killing the Earth are willing to change how they live, I won’t buy it. If you’re going to talk the talk, then walk the walk. If not, hypocrite is an accurate word.

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