Town clean-up set for Oct. 23, just before balloon regatta

Photo by Bob Hembree
A collection of Page Attacks Trash posters on display at Coconino County Community College

PAGE – When City of Page officials learned Salt River Project would close the Navajo Generating Station, they discussed how to continue Page Attacks Trash.

Kay Leum, executive director of Extended Learning at Coconino Community College, said, “The city at that point had said, ‘We’ll do it.’ SRP gave them the extra stuff. They had bags, supplies, and so forth, and then COVID happened. So, we weren’t able to have the event.”

Leum said, “Now we’re taking the approach of The Canyon Club, and the college and the city partnering together to make it happen.”

Leum and volunteers would like to expand the effort. She said, “We are hoping to establish what we’re calling adopt-a-spot or adopt-a-block, or a street or a business, and having a more sustainable kind of trash pickup.

“Organizations, families, businesses, and individuals could adopt an area to monitor for trash.”

Leum said, “For instance, Walmart might take their space, plus more, and say, ‘This is ours, and we’ll keep it clean.’”

A group of city employees currently go out once a month to pick up trash. Leum would like to see youth from the schools and others alike join the effort. She said, “ARAMARK has Trashy Tuesdays, and their employees will go out and pick up trash. The Park Service does some.”

Leum said, “What we’d like to do is have anyone, who’s interested – groups, individuals, businesses (that) want to be a part of the planning – to express their interest. So, we will have three different subcommittees working toward both planning the event and that sustainable kind of trash pickup.”

One of the subcommittees will explore incentives to get more people involved. Leum said, “That group will also try to involve Greenehaven and LeChee. So that the surrounding communities can also be a part of it.”

The first Page Attacks Trash is set for Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021. The second event is on April 2, 2022.

Leum said, “We really feel like we need to have [Page Attacks Trash] more than once a year.”

She said they chose the October date because it is “just before the balloon regatta.”

Leum said, “That way, we could make an effort to clean up the town before one of our signature events happens.”

Those interested in helping should call Coconino Community College at 928-645-3987.



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