Thank you to Cancer Outreach

You helped a lot

It is with a grateful heart that I would like to acknowledge the Cancer Outreach Organization. We, as Page residents, are very fortunate to have this organization helping our community.

Thank you Cancer Outreach for your tireless help and support after my diagnosis of cancer. A special thank you to Jo Bjorholm. Jo is the moving force behind the Cancer Outreach organization. Jo is the heart and soul of Cancer Outreach and without Jo’s hard work, determination and persistence, there would not be a Cancer Outreach.

As a Page resident, we are often required to go out of town for medical care. Going out of town for needed medical care is a major inconvenience but it can also be a financial burden. Thank you Cancer Outreach for your financial assistance on multiple occasions with Phoenix lodging and gas cards. This assistance helped relieve my financial stress and strain. The assistance was provided with compassion and continued support during my difficult treatment. The support and compassion received from the Cancer Outreach organization conveyed a caring and loving organization watching out for my welfare and the welfare of the Page community.

Thank you again Cancer Outreach. You were a helping hand that reached out to me and helped restore peace, comfort and hope to my spirt when I so desperately needed it.

Please support your community by supporting the Cancer Outreach organization located on Haul Road. You can help with donations, volunteering, shopping at the thrift store or by playing Bingo at the Cancer Outreach Building on Thursday evenings. It is a relief to know that we, as Page residents, can get assistance from the Cancer Outreach organization when we are diagnosed with cancer.

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