Testing activity set for March 17

'The activity has no relationship to COVID-19'

By Lake Powell Chronicle staff

PAGE – The Page Police Department, along with other entities, will be conducting specialized testing on Tuesday.

“This notice is intended as a means to dispel any anxiety or concerns this activity may cause for the residents of Page,” Page Detective Terry TerEick said in a statement.

TerEick said this specialized testing will take place March 17 at 900 Red Rock St., where two deaths were discovered in September.

“The public may see personnel on and around the property wearing protective gear, including hazmat suits and masks,” TerEick said. “There is no danger to nearby residents or (to) passersby.

“And the activity has no relationship to COVID-19.”

The testing will be done by Page Police, along with the 91st Civil Support team of the U.S. Army, the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s hazmat teams, among others.