Struggling to find something to write about

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Some days are harder than others

There are times when you write a weekly column as I have for more than a decade when you just run out of things to say.

That’s the case this week.

As I sat here today, I had a bunch of ideas run through my head. I first thought about sharing more of my thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting and maybe even gun control. But really, what could I say that hasn’t already been said? Like most Americans, I was shocked and saddened by what happened just hours away from us. 

Then I actually wrote a few lines about the city budget report released a few weeks ago showing more revenue and lower expenses than planned for. That is good news for the city and for the residents, but I have shared my views on those topics too many times. 

I thought about the controversy over the oath of office, but I don’t have a strong opinion on the issue. If the law says use specific words, then use those words. But I am not personally offended if they also take an oath to the city ordinances. After all, by law those ordinances must be in compliance with the state and federal constitutions. 

I even considered writing about the park service awarding the river rafting contract to Aramark over Colorado River Discovery. But while I’m disappointed CRD lost the contract, I don’t know enough about the issue to provide a relevant viewpoint. I know CRD has been good to Page, but I also suspect the Seylers will find some way to run a positive business and will continue to support the community.

So here I am, halfway through this column, and I’m not certain what my main theme should be.

How about the issue over kneeling during the National Anthem by NFL players? I already wrote about that, but as a reminder, here’s my view. Stand for the Anthem, but the president and now vice president should just stay out of this.

Tax reform in Congress? I honestly don’t care. For years I’ve heard all talk and seen no action on almost all important issues. Just let me know when you actually have the votes and I’ll pay attention then.

Harvey Weinstein and charges of sexual misconduct in the TV and movie industry? Ooooh, big shocker. My guess is this happens at almost every level by hundreds of powerful men. Harvey Weinstein just got caught. That won’t change now, at least in my opinion. From the beginning of time powerful men have taken advantage of women. And every one of them thought it was OK, and very few have suffered for it. For every Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Weiner, there are hundreds who pay no price.

North Korea? I’ll admit, this one has me a little concerned. Kim Jong-un is certifiably crazy. I would not be shocked if he shot off nukes just to prove his manliness. Unfortunately, the same thing could possibly be said of our president. I still don’t expect all out nuclear war, but for the first time I can remember it is a possibility. Sometimes calling a real crazy man bad names on Twitter might not be the best public policy.

Here’s a better one — the Page football team? I should have started there. The Sand Devils are playing very well, just won two huge conference games and if they play up to their standards will win a conference title and be back in the state tournament. So much for a rebuilding year in Page.

So let’s end this on a good note — Go Sand Devils.

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