Secody, Tomas to perform in Washington, D.C.

The hoop dancing duo wll perform as part of Native American Month.

Limited is the amount and proud is the demeanor of those who are clever enough to do what they love for a living. Conventionally, we are faced with the finger crossing, teeth gnawing coin toss of landing the job that coincides with our passions. However unlikely the event, the harmonious hand-hold between work and passion does exist and is notorious for its ability to draw a crowd. 

Joseph Secody, entrepreneur, performer and native of Kaibeto, Arizona, landed that dream job when he established his own company in February 2017.

Yellow World Production is a hoop dancing, and traditional tribal teaching project created and facilitated by Joseph Secody and Tomas Hunt who are a Native American Performing arts duo.

Though the production company was not established until earlier this year, Secody and Hunt have been conceiving their company for years while performing their own dances.

In light of November being Native American Month, Yellow World Productions attended and performed in the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC where thousands swarmed to take part. As their likeminded goal is to spread the hoop dance story, the dynamic duo has plans to continue broadcasting and traveling to perform.

Yellow World Productions performances can be characterized by their soothing, spirit-filled Navajo chants accompanied by tribal drums as background music, the twirling and jumping of the traditional burnt red and turquoise clothed dancer, and the line blurring flips of the hoops.    

As the tribal drums crescendo, the audience will observe the dancers’ feet press firmer to its foundation and the hoops dance quicker.

This “healing” dance, specific to the hoop twirling, is one to interpret the Taos culture. Though Secody and Hunt are Navajo, they find it crucial to illuminate every tribe that is native to their land. Secody attributes his passion in teaching about other tribes based on his upbringing and years as a youth. Pow Wows, social gatherings where many tribes could spend time trading and sharing stories, were the roots for this faithfulness to a wide range of cultures.

“We want to show our performances to as many people as we can. Our goal is to share our culture and other cultures through the hoop dancing and traditional teachings. We want to inspire the Native American youth while highlighting the importance of fitness and health,” Secody advocates.

Though Yellow World Productions is captivating and mesmerizing in its entertaining qualities, viewers will find they are observing a native story unparalleled by others they have heard. From beginning to end, the hoop dances and humble teachings awaken a feeling of fulfillment and energy by the roots of its healing nature.

“When we dance, we focus on how we are healing ourselves while hoping to heal our viewers,” Secody said.  

Without agenda, Secody and Hunt, in all their thrilling of the public local eye, have captured also captured attention nationally.

Locals are welcome to attend one of Yellow World Production’s daily performances. Adventurous Antelope Canyon hosts Secody and Hunt every single day where they perform up to eight shows per day. Adventurous Antelope Canyon is located at Highway 98 and milepost 302. Secody and Hunt will also continue to dance at “Into the Grand” during December.


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