Police agencies practice emergency scenarios Friday morning

Numerous police cars and officers at city offices this morning.

If you’ve driven by the Page city offices this morning you no doubt noticed several police cars in the parking lot including one which was blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

It certainly looked like something serious happening.

Page Police Chief Frank Balkcom was guarding the door to the city offices and he informed the Lake Powell Chronicle that the Page Police Dept., along with deputies from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and National Park Service are doing joint task force training.

Balkcom said the agencies are doing live training for two or three scenarios, one of which was an active shooter scenario.

The training began with officers doing a detailed walk-through of the building.

“We practice different scenarios such as this once a month with our partners,” said Chief Balkcom. “Page is a small town and when there are emergencies it’s very common for several agencies to arrive on the scene. Training like this allows us to familiarize how to work together, that way if a real emergency or situation occurs we’re not trying to figure out communications and command control during the real thing.”

After today’s training the officers will hold a debriefing.

“After training or a real event we hold a debriefing and evaluate what went right and what we need to improve on,” said Page Police Detective Terry TerEick.


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