Park rangers respond to boat fire on Lake Powell

National Park Service (NPS) rangers and a Utah State Parks ranger received a call on Tuesday, June 7, concerning a vessel that had caught on fire in Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell. 

The vessel was operating in Navajo Canyon when it started to have a mechanical issue. There was a small explosion from within the hull of the vessel, which then caught the rest of the vessel on fire. 

The male operator then dove into the water without a personal flotation device. A houseboat that was associated with the vessel operator retrieved him from the water.  

NPS rangers and a Utah State Park ranger boated to the scene via an NPS patrol vessel. On scene there were active flames that were extinguished by the rangers with a portable water pump. No injuries were sustained due to the vessel fire.  

 The National Park Service thanked the good Samaritans who picked up the vessel operator and Utah State Parks for their involvement with this incident, which is currently under investigation by the National Park Service. 

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