Pageites have numerous reasons to give thanks

Reporter observes that it's a wonderful time of year to be in Page.

It was a beautiful week to be in Page, America last week. Whoever chose this week to host the Balloon Regatta – and show off our lovely little town to those who come to visit – sure knew what they were doing. Page looks as if King Midas himself paid it a visit, touching every cottonwood and poplar tree along the way as he strolled through town.

Pageites had many reasons to celebrate and give thanks this week. The Christmas in November Arts and Crafts Fair was a great success, as was the Balloon Regatta and Vendors Fair. It’s always a thrill to walk out your door in the morning and see the sky filling with all those colorful balloons.

I know several Trick-or-Treaters who made it home with pillowcases bulging like Santa’s toy sack. All those trick-or-treaters sure kept the homeowners along Date St. hopping.  Chuck Serventi, who kept Date Street rockin’ throughout the evening, estimates he gave out 2,000 pieces of candy. Homeowners on 20th Avenue report doing the same.

Page’s pinyon nut gatherers, as are many of our elk hunters, are celebrating a bountiful harvest this year. Senior football star, Christian Penrod, who plays wide receiver and cornerback for our Sand Devils, took advantage of his team’s bye week to bag an elk. And he wasn’t the only one. I also know that Ryan Zimmer and Paul Jones were busy last week converting their elks into freezer-sized rectangles.

Grand Canyon river runners celebrated the Navajo Nation’s decision not to allow construction of the Grand Canyon Escalade, which surely would have turned one of the world’s most pristine, magical spots into a trampled, dirty trash heap.

Page’s Happy Hikers are celebrating the return of autumn’s cool temperatures, which allows them to strike out on those longer, deeper trails.

Page High School’s drama club is celebrating a successful production of “The Crucible,” and their winter sports programs began their first week of practice, with many promising and talented players returning. Girls basketball stars Jacey Salabiye, who plays center, and Myka Taliman, who plays point guard, have their sights set on nothing less than a championship this year. They came dang close last year, losing by less than a field goal in the championship game. Same goes for Sand Devils wrestler, Kamron Whitewater, who was runner-up at last year’s state championships. He says he plans to be champion this year.

 Last Sunday George Hardeen returned from a ten day visit to Budapest, Hungary where he was the guest of House of Houdini, an organization that honors the legacy of Harry Houdini. Hardeen is the closest living relative to the famous magician and escape artist, who was born in Budapest and died on Halloween night 1926.

On Monday the National Park Service began installing a rail along the edge of the Horseshoe Bend Overlook which will provide the tourists a handy place to sit while they take their selfies.

And this time of the year is simply the most beautiful time to float on a raft through the Glen Canyon. With the autumn sun low in the southern horizon the shadowed canyon turns the still waters of the Colorado River into a mirror. Floating through the canyon, with the thousand foot cliff walls above you also reflected below you, creates the illusion that you’re drifting halfway up a 2,000 foot deep canyon.

And speaking of the Glen Canyon, Katie Lee, environmental activist, lover of the virgin, undammed Glen Canyon and one who vigorously protested the erection of the Glen Canyon Dam, passed away On Nov. 1 at the age of 98. Love her or hate her, she had a big, rich life. Rest in peace Goddess of Glen Canyon.


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