Page Parade of Lights dazzles spectators

Tribe of Young Feathers perform the hoop dance while escorting a float covered with lights and trees.

After a one-year hiatus, the annual Christmas Parade of Lights returned to Page on Saturday with 25 entries glowing with lights of all kinds. Those who attended were treated to a beautiful fall evening, with weather as perfect as one could wish for.  

Locals and visitors alike began lining the sidewalks along Lake Powell Boulevard well before the start of the parade. Firetrucks led the procession, signaling to onlookers that the parade had started. Children with plastic bags were excited about the possibility of picking up candy thrown out by some of the parade entries.

There were some very creative floats. An electric Santa led the parade, and a “live” Santa surrounded by gifts brought up the tail end.

In between, Tomas Hunt and the Tribe of Young Feathers hoop dancers, equipped with glowing hoops, walked along a trailer decorated with lights and trees. The Grinch made an electric and live appearance, while a snowman accompanied an image of Horseshoe Bend.

A couple of floats represented Santa’s sleigh as it “soared” into the sky, and one actually had a moving boom to make Santa’s flight even more realistic. A couple of snowmen “floated by” on a houseboat.

Many onlookers said that this year more than made up for last year and that it was great to have some holiday cheer in town. 


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