Page businesses, signs vandalized with graffiti

Photo by Blake Tilker/Lake Powell Chronicle
Someone climbed onto the roof of the Ranch House Plaza and spray-painted "Jutce" on the wall in blue paint. Jutce has been seen all over Page this the last month, however, it was paint¬ed on the Ranch House Plaza six different times.

PAGE – Two weeks ago, "Jutce" was spray-painted on businesses and signs around Page.

In all reality, no one knows what or who Jutce is––yet.

"I felt violated when I saw the graffiti on my sign. Like many other business owners, I work hard every day to keep my business running," said Michelle Adams, owner of Lake Powell Massage and Spa Boutique. "And that's been no small task during these enormous challenges we've all had these past 11 months. Our business community and our residents deserve better than to have their property and their town vandalized. It's particularly upsetting because it hasn't stopped. I have seen newly sprayed graffiti as recently as Jan. 30. These crimes have been happening for a full month."

Adams' sign on Vista and Lake Powell Boulevard was tagged by Jutce.

"In order to catch the [perpetrator], the city could offer a reward for any tips leading to the arrest of the guilty individual or individuals," Adams urged. "The City of Page doesn't have to reinvent the wheel when constructing a plan to improve the town and then protect it from vandalism. Let's learn how to make Page better for its residents instead of using the fear of vandalism as an excuse to not have more amenities for our children, our residents, and our visitors."

During a Chamber of Commerce Tourism Tuesday Zoom meeting, those in attendance addressed the graffiti.

"We've had a tiny bit of [graffiti], but nothing like this. And we're starting to see it out on the lake a lot," said Judy Franz, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce.

"It's ridiculous. This is why we can't have nice things. It's so disappointing … it really is," said Jenny Adkins, co-owner of Big Orange Jeep Tours and Rentals. "The issue with graffiti isn't just in Page, but out on some of our public lands. A lot of people have been discussing the fact that they were seeing a lot in the lower, lower Antelope [Canyon] and also a lot of it in Wire Pass. Some of the drawings going up on the walls are very inappropriate. It's really sad."

The Ranch House Plaza was hit the worst with Jutce being painted in six different locations, including a wall that is only accessible by climbing on the roof.

Several dumpsters behind Page Steel were also covered in graffiti.

Page Police Detective Terry TerEick said on Tuesday morning that there is a case open.

"We are still seeking the public's assistance with attempting to identify the suspects," TerEick said. "A surveillance video and some photos were posted to our Facebook page."

The Page Police Department posted on Facebook footage from a security camera of two suspects tagging a building of a business. The footage isn't very clear, but the two people in the video appear to be smoking cigarettes.

The Page Police Department encourages anyone with information about the incidents to contact Page PD by calling 928-645-2463, email [email protected], or contact Coconino County Silent Witness at 928-774-6111.