Only one Wahweap entrance available

North entrance already closed

Wahweap’s two Entrance Stations at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area will be undergoing repair for at least the next four weeks, beginning Oct. 2. 

While one is closed for repairs, both entrance and exit from Wahweap will be provided through the other location. Wahweap’s two entrance stations are located approximately three miles apart, on Highway 89. The park appreciates the public’s patience while these improvements in visitor services are completed. 

Beginning Monday, Oct. 2, Wahweap’s North Entrance Station will be closed for at least three weeks. 

During this time, entrance and exit from the park will be available at Wahweap’s South Entrance, located closest to Page. 

After work is completed at Wahweap’s North Entrance, it will be reopened and the south entrance will be closed for repair. During this time, public entrance and exit will be available through Wahweap’s North Entrance, located closest to Greenehaven.  

After work is completed at both Wahweap Entrance Stations, the north entrance will be closed for the season and all access will be via the south entrance.