One of Page's water tanks being repaired

The interior of the tank is being sandblasted clean.

PAGE – A work crew is removing paint and some rust spots from the interior of one of Page’s water storage tanks.

The interior of this and all modern water storage tanks are coated with a special non-toxic paint that prevents the metal tank from corroding. If corrosion begins and goes unchecked it can eat a hole through the side of the tank.

This is the first time in the life of the storage tank that this has been done. Brent Mosier, water treatment supervisor for Page Utility Enterprises, said they found very little corrosion inside the tank.

The entire inside surface will be sandblasted clean and then a new coat of paint applied. The sand blasting began last week and is expected to take about two and a half months to complete, said Mosier.

The work crew will also replace a vent screen on top of the tank.

The City of Page has two main water storage tanks. The interior of the other tank was sandblasted and repainted last year.


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