Navajo Nation closes Monument Valley due to "cult" activity

The incident started with the group filming without a permit.

The Navajo Times reported Friday that authorities with Monument Valley Tribal Park have closed the park due to a group filming on Navajo tribal lands without a filming permit.

The group, called Global Witness, was creating a film titled, “Witness in the Desert.”

Global Witnesses leader, Derek Broes, a “gnostic luciferian” called the film he was shooting a “YouTube event like any other in history.”

The Navajo Times quoted Broes as saying, “Multiple channel hosts that represent more than 2 million subscribers will participate in a live event that will be broadcast live from multiple locations in the ancient locations of tribal lands in and around Monument Valley, Arizona.”

The Navajo Nation’s Parks and Recreation Department authorized the closure of the park Friday Nov. 29 while they deal with Broes and his followers.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for all visitors and community members,” the agency posted on its Facebook page. “Your understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated.”

Oljato Chapter President James F. Adakai that the Oljato Chapter, with the assistance of law enforcement, is planning to escort Broes and his group of the Navajo Nation.

 “The local authorities of (the tribal park) and local Oljato officials … have learned that the … group … is carrying out an unauthorized cult-related activity,” wrote Adakai.

Broes said his group is not a cult.

“We are not here to worship any demons, we are not bringing any demons,” he said. “We are only here to learn what secrets of the earth holds of our past, of our ancient past.


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