Letter: Thank you all for your help

Many helped out

The chamber held its annual Fourth of July parade and vendor fair last week, which had the highest number of vendors we have ever had for this event. The crowd was great and the vendors all did very well. The bouncy house from St. George with water slide was a huge hit with the children. We also had many varieties of vendors to the delight of all our community and tourists.
I would like to thank some key people for helping to make this such a huge success: Brenda Dominick, Crystal Phillips, Whitney Nash, Brian and Amanda Boston, Mayor Bill Diak, Danielle Stewart, Pastor Manny Parks, Gaye Jensen, Tammy Morton, Chris Van Meenen, Judy Edwards, Stephan Terblanche, Brian Kellar, Jim Hunter, D.J. Lister, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Joe Lapekas, Lake Powell Campground, Yamamoto Baits, Republic Services, Boston’s Ace Hardware and Walmart Stores and our judges Korey and Amanda Seyler along with Lisa Wallace.
An event like this takes many people to bring together and these great people did just that. I would like to thank all the community who came out to support both events

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