Letter: Rescue at Dangling Rope

Thank you all

sure of visiting Dangling Rope Marina, that invaluable oasis approximately halfway between Wahweap and Bullfrog. For most of us, it means fuel both for our boats and bodies, ice, restrooms and, of course, that rare treat on the lake of ice cream.
But how many of us have had the privilege of being overnight guests there? My daughter and I were just that, unexpected of course without reservations (not that you can make them) when we had a mechanical problem with our boat earlier this summer. I had read somewhere that there was a mechanic at Dangling Rope but quickly found out that he was no longer there. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway since we needed a very specific part. It was late in the day and rescue (tow) would have to wait until tomorrow.
The staff came to our rescue, especially Phil and Andrei. Up that steep hill we went to that hidden hilltop employee housing area where luckily they had an empty house complete with air conditioning and showers (we had the option of staying aboard our little cabin cruiser without those comforts). They even treated us to that ice cream since we probably looked like we could use it. Later that night, we were even entertained by their musical talents.
In the morning, we were soon underway thanks to Capt. Rick’s towing expertise all the way back to Wahweap (thank goodness for towing insurance). We just want to thank everybody who was involved in our rescue, and give a special shout-out to the Dangling Rope crew.

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