Letter: Page, do you want to be in the dark or the light?

Council to make first vote tonight

The Page City Council will be voting on a new Dark Sky Ordinance on this Wednesday, July 26, and these changes will regulate the outdoor light permissible at your residence, local businesses and in public right of ways including city streets and sidewalks.
These changes include restricting lighting after 10 p.m. that may create safety concerns as well as to restrict the type and amount of light fixtures that can be utilized at your residence or businesses.  Before we make changes, it is import to know that city council has analyzed the full financial impact of these changes on the city of Page budget, the residents of Page and the commercial sector.  It would also be reasonable to expect the city of Page to communicate the proposed changes with the residents and commercial sector as well as work with them to ensure that these changes do not have consequences that are harmful.  
The specific questions that need to be answered are below:
• What impact will these changes have on the city of Page budget over the next 10 years and is the cost associated with this code the highest and best use of city funds?
• Will the proposed changes affect insurance rates for the city of Page and for our commercial partners?
• Is there increased liability due to lack of visibility issues that may arise because of the new codes?  
• Has the city council consulted with the municipal insurance provider or asked the commercial sector for their insurance provider’s reaction to the proposed changes?  
• Is the city of Page opening itself to increased litigation as a result of requiring changes to light fixtures that were approved by the city of Page building department and were legally installed?
• How will this code be enforced and will it require increased cost to monitor and enforce?
As Page residents, we understand how special our connection to the natural space around us is to our quality of life, and we believe this makes Page a unique place; however we need to make sure we make thoughtful decisions and include all sectors of the community prior to enacting new codes.
Come to the council meeting 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday, July 26, at City Hall to understand and voice your opinions or concerns regarding the new zoning changes regarding lighting.  

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