J. Tysonn Bahe Tsinnijinnie

J. Tysonn Bahe Tsinnijinnie was a beloved husband, father, son, brother and friend. He is best known for his amazing laugh, impeccable wit and an intuitive genius mechanic who could do anything and everything he put his mind to. He was a helper and a giver, he would quickly jump to the assistance of anyone who called and didn’t hesitate to give all the money in his pocket away if someone needed it. He brought light, laughter, joy and loyalty to all those who were blessed enough to know him. He is survived by his wife Maria Tsinnijinnie and his/their kids: Nikulas, Cash, Noah, Kam, Vivian and Grey. As well a large extended family starting with his parents Bernda and Clyde Tsinnijinnie and his sisters Talia (Shi-Vonn and Memphis) and Tomminque.

He was a dedicated father and provider. His greatest joy was in the hope he had for his kids’ futures. There was nothing he wanted more than to see them succeed, and he taught them to always look out for each other. He was loved and brought great memories to all those who knew him. Every friend, every acquaintance, every member of his family has a great “Tysonn Story.” He is missed from many parts of the United States, and all over Arizona from the many friends and family in Northern Arizona, to the “Bonfire Boys” of Grand Ave. He was special. Thank you to all those who celebrated his life.


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