Ignoring laws creates lack of respect

Enforce laws or let them go

I read your article regarding the rule of law, and you are correct: ignoring laws on a case-by-case basis creates a general lack of respect for the laws on the books and lack of respect for those who write and enforce them. You are also correct to point out that, if nothing else, the highest official in the land (POTUS) should follow this basic assumption. Unfortunately, President Obama had an intellectual tendency to believe his own instincts over-rode the rule of law. The result is anarchy which we see being played out in various communities across the US. 

For myself, if there is no rule of law, I can do what I “feel” is right and disregard laws on taxes, property, murder, etc as I see fit. We haven’t had such a society in some time and most would agree, human nature being what it is, that is a good thing. 

Morgan F. Feldman 

Durham, N.C.

Page Resident from 1976-1983.


PS: I still follow the goings on in Page after all these years and read the Chronicle online to keep up. Thanks for being there.

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