Hyatt opens with little fanfare

Newly opened hotel offers glimpse of its elegance to media.

The newly finished Hyatt Place atop the Rimview Trail overlooking the Glen Canyon area opened their doors this Thursday for a sneak peek before booking began.

The media was invited to see how Hyatt brand, known for luxurious amenities with the small conveniences of home, combined with comfort within the heart of Canyonland’s Grand Circle.

Located in a great spot the Hyatt management reminds its that their hotel has everything they could want. ‘Why leave, we have everything you need or want here.’ Which is the challenge in an area known for sight-seeing, hiking and tours. So, if you ask yourself what you could need or want in a hotel that would make you stay on site during the entire vacation in the Grand Circle area, many come back with a request of their dreams, or a request even a Page local would ask for; Starbucks? Dog Park? A view to write home about? Intercontinental cuisine from room service? Maybe the best request was having access to the best tours in the Grand Circle area. But whatever was asked The Hyatt Place may have found the niche that many other hotels have overlooked. They have founded a network that gives their guest access to the best tours at affordable rates while also giving their guests the little extras only found at high priced resorts, all from the comfort of the building.

“Our goal is to be the best,” said David Philp, CEO  of Canyon Equity. “We want to be the best and we want Hyatt and Crescent to take us there. This is the first Select Service level in town. We adopted the brand but we modified it quite a bit.

“The Hyatt Place is structured with business-friendly options that are geared towards the leisure traveler because the leisure traveler will keep coming back. We’re excited about it and again, we had great success with Amangiri in town and we saw the potential in the market to take some of this land and build something on it.”

The service is only the beginning since the hotel owners had acquired nine acres above the Rimview Trail but only used three to develop the hotel. There are six undeveloped acres still in its planning stages. The land was originally purchased for housing Amangiri employees but condominiums were purchased at another location for the project.

“Zoning allowed us commercial uses,” said Philp. “So we had a simple hearing process with the town to get [development] going. What we wanted to do was build the highest quality hotel in Page. The only concern was with traffic, but not a lot of opposition.”

“[The Hyatt Place] offers a combination of aspects of different spaces. We love where we sit on top of this butte here,” said marketing and sales manager, Tim McCalphin. “Originally we were scheduled to open April 7 so it’s more like a ‘grand’ soft opening, but based on the walk-ins and calls I think we are going to fill up. We are feeling more confident everyday.”

The new hotel has a pool, a fitness center, a large deck for all guests witness a view from, and eight rooms fit the American Disability Act requirements.  The hotel is very pet friendly with a decent sized dog exercise enclosure, a full and hearty breakfast, Seattle’s best coffee, 24-hour intercontinental menu, wi-fi and enough space for tour buses or recreational vehicles and boats in the parking lot.

“This hotel will start to pick up speed in May,” said Philp, adding that as the season progresses having the highest quality will certainly command the price. “We built the deck for a patio view and the food. Whatever you do, by five o’clock the last thing you want to do is get back in the car and drive. We hope to capture the in-house guest.”

“We are putting activities together for our guest who are asking what is there to do. We are building relationships that offer things guest want to do and we want it available.” said McCalphin. “Antelope Point Marina was the first and they are giving discounts on the boat tours. We are going to keep building on anything along the lines that will have a relationship for our people to see as a valuable attraction. We don’t just want the brochure, we want try to offer a variety. You never know when you will find that golden nugget.”

McCalphin extends the invitation to the new Hyatt Place of Lake Powell and Page. “Meet our staff and get to know our staff. Tell us what they want. Let us see if we can fulfill that.”

The Hyatt Place is also offering the exclusive wine collection from Robert Mundave, specialized spirits and Starbucks coffee to their guests. 



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