Historic Page landmark gets a facelift and upgrade

Page Boy was the first hotel in Page.

PAGE – The city of Page says goodbye to an ol’ familiar face that had been welcoming visitors to Page long before Page was a twinkle of a city.

The Page Boy Motel moniker that once waved to all who arrived has been retired with the transfer of ownership last week.

“It was a sad day for all of us when the [Page Boy] was taken down. But we are keeping everything else the same,” said Roberta Randle, manager of the now Canyon Inn. “The new owners are nice, I like them.”

The nostalgia and history of the iconic Page Boy moniker had many locals wanting to purchase the sign and a flood of calls went to the front desk of the Canyon Inn. Randle says they will not be selling the sign and is instead keeping the moniker as a reminder of all the work she put into revamping the motel. “It was bad for awhile and I cleaned it up. It had looked run down and it had a [reputation] ‘till we upgraded. It took three years. With the name change maybe now we will have a better reputation. I would rather have [tourists] wanting to experience the nostalgia of the [motel],” said Randle. When she and the former owners upgraded they decided to keep the historic look of the old building in tact while the rooms were completely remodeled and the pool was made over.

The Page Boy Motel was one of the first buildings to be built just before Page  officially became a town in 1957.  The Page Boy Motel had been constructed from the concrete of the Glen Canyon Dam before the dam concrete was laid. The dam workers help build the motel so they could have a roof to sleep under while working on the dam. Since then the Page Boy Motel held a special place in the history of Page. “We were saddened to see the sign go but it’s still the same [motel]. We just have a new name,” assures Randle.


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