Girls soccer team defeats Sedona, boys team scores one win, one loss

The Sand Devils girls team beat Sedona 9-1 on Sept. 6.

Page High School Girls Soccer Team defeated Sedona 9-1 on Sept. 6. The Sand Devils opened the season with an 8-0 win over Holbrook. The team also traveled to Las Vegas two weeks ago to compete in the Ric Grenell Invitational, where they placed sixth out of eight teams.

This year’s team is one of the largest they’ve had in years, with 40 players. The team has 12 seniors. Head Coach Ben Dalton has been coaching the group since their freshman year.

“Its been a really cool experience watching them grow as individuals and as a team,” he said. 

This year’s girls soccer team also has 10 freshmen, and they are playing a key role keeping the team on its toes, Dalton said.

“They are a very dynamic group,” he said. “They are very talented and ambitious, and they push the rest of the players hard to earn their spots. That extra effort is raising the team play and energy a great deal overall.”

With a large group of seniors and juniors, the team is starting the season better poised for success than they have in recent years, Dalton said. 

“I’m seeing better passing and communication, and their work is paying off a lot faster,” he said. “I’m expecting to be a playoff team this year.”

The Sand Devils boys soccer team has a record of 1-2 after a 7-5 loss to Holbrook on Saturday. On Sept. 8, the Sand Devils scored a decisive 10-0 win over Williams.

In the game against Williams, Two Page seniors, Ethan Woods and Daniel Blackwell, led the Sand Devils offense, each scoring a hat trick. Woods and Blackwell are both team captains. 

“They both bring a lot of talent and experience and we’re seeing the result of their experience,” said Assistant Coach Dani Taylor. 

The game was cut short due to the 10-point mercy rule. 

This year’s boys soccer team has two new coaches. Ashley Epps is the head coach, and Dani Taylor is assistant coach.

“We have a great group of athletes who are very committed to the sport and having a great season,” said Taylor, “and we are committed to them. I think we’ll bring the team some much-needed structure.”

“Our team is playing great, we’re seeing some results and we’d love to have some support from the community,” Taylor said.


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