Firefighters extinguish fire at NGS

Photo by Krista Allen/Lake Powell Chronicle Smoke is seen at the Navajo Generating Station from State Route 98 on Friday afternoon.

PAGE – The smoke from the Navajo Generating Station on Friday afternoon was from a fire in the cascade area where some coal was left, said George Hardeen.

“It was put out,” said Hardeen, spokesperson for the Navajo Generating Station “A (Salt River Project) fire investigator will be here this week to determine its cause.”

The Page Fire Department responded to the fire report at NGS. Page Fire Chief Jeff Reed said his crew reacted to the scene. They were prepared to deal with a possible coal ash fire in a coal bin receptor between units two and three.

When crews arrived, they found smoke coming from the top of the coal conveyor system. Reed said his crew initiated an offensive attack by climbing approximately 120 feet into the structure.

There, interior crews found light smoke and extensive fire damage to a conveyor belt system inside the structure and in the coal hoppers, Reed said in a statement.

“The crews made their way through the structure and were able to extinguish the fire after several hours,” he said.

NGS personnel were on hand. They provided a supply of water for firefighters along with their knowledge and expertise to guide firefighters through the structure.

A thermal imaging camera confirmed the fire was out, along with overhaul procedures.


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