Council agrees to purchase mowers, 3D police scanner

Mowers for golf course

Page City Council approved two major purchases last week — one at $44,449 for two lawnmowers for the Lake Powell National Golf Course, and the other for a $29,582 3D forensic crime scene scanner for the Page Police Department.
The two mowers, a John Deere 2500B Precision Cut Riding Greens Mower and a John Deere Gator TX, will replace the current mowers at the course. According to City Manager Crystal Dyches and maintenance staff, the current machines have outlived their service life and have long been in need of replacement.
In 2015, the city renegotiated a contractual agreement with Aramark, which runs concessions and other services at the golf course. After the rewrite, Aramark was solely responsible for all incidental and maintenance costs at the course. Per the contract: “[Aramark shall] negotiate, purchase, and pay all fuel, oil, supplies, equipment, replacement parts, labor, professional services and insurance.” The city is responsible for the replacement of groundskeeping equipment only.
The Page Police Department received approval to purchase a FARO Focus 70 Laser Scanner to the tune of $29,582. The department budgeted for the scanner for the current fiscal year, which began in July.
According to information available online, the device is one of the latest iterations of 3D scanning technology. It can be used in inclement weather during any time of day or night or in any kind of lighting indoors.
3D scanners allow police to more efficiently and accurately document crime scenes by digitally recreating an area in relatively short amount of time. The data collected can be stored easily for quick retrieval and use in prosecutions.
This can greatly speed up the rate at which some cases are processed and presented in court, the department said.

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