Contour Airlines makes bid to be Page's new carrier

City council approved their bid, it now awaits approval of DOT.

Contour Airlines, and a contingent of Contour executives, met with mayor Bill Diak and members of the Page city council last week when they made their bid to be Page’s  air carrier.
“We represent the best bid for Page,” Chaifetz told the city council at last Wednesday’s city council meeting.
The city council recommended that Contour Airlines be Page’s air carrier. Now it goes to the Dept. of Transportation for their approval.
“We don’t anticipate any problems with approval,” said John Inniger, marketing coordinator for Contour Airlines, by phone on Monday.
If Contour Airlines is approved by the DOT they’ll provide air service from Page to Phoenix. The number of flights per day or week is still pending as it’s subject to what the DOT will allow and that’s still being decided, said Inniger.
Contour could be operational within six weeks, depending on how quickly the DOT acts, said Chaifetz.
If approved, Contour will fly an ERJ135 jet, manufactured by Embraer. The ERJ135 is a 37 seat jet, but for its Page operations Contour will remove seven seats. DOT regulations for public charter flights using jet aircraft limit seating to 30.
Having seven fewer seats will also help the ERJ135 be more physically capable as well, said Inniger.
“Page is a high and hot location during much of the year, and it can be difficult to take off under those conditions,” said Inniger. “Having seven fewer passengers will make that easier.”
Removing those seven seats will give passengers 34 inches of leg room, similar to seating found on a first class or economy plus flight.

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