City Council votes in new EDA board

Page City Council met last Wednesday to take an official vote

The Page City Council met on Wednesday to take an official vote as to who would fill seven vacant seats on the Economic Development Advisory Board.

A total of 14 candidates were on the ballot.

The entire council was in attendance, however Theresa Bowlby and Kristin Davis had to abstain for conflict of interests because both of their spouses were candidates for the seats.

The top four candidates with the most votes will hold appointed, two-year, staggered terms ending on June 30, 2022.

The top four candidates voted in are Steve Blevins, Ron Colby, former Mayor Bill Diak, and Robin Marquis.

The next three candidates will hold appointed, staggered, terms ending June 30, 2021 and they are: Brian Carey, Deron “DJ” Lister, and Kay Leum.

According to the City of Page’s blueprint for economic development the newly appointed board members will aggressively find ways to attract new businesses and developers to create a higher standard of living for Page residents.

Several projects have been outlined as a jumping off point for the direction of the EDA Board.

They are: No Municipal Property Tax, No Impact/Development Fee’s, Low Electrical Rates, Low Water and Sewer Rates, Affordable and Available Land for Development (17 acres), “One Stop Shopping” assistance from concept to completion of project, welcome Public/Private Partnerships, and to gauge how 3,000,000 visitors can help grow businesses here.

To submit ideas for development of land in Page to be reviewed by the EDA Board contact the community development director at 928-645-4261 or email Tim Suan at [email protected]
For privately owned land, contact the city planner at 928-645-4263, or email Maryam Moeinian at [email protected] for more information.

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