CCC adding more courses, technology, increasing Ed Talks

The new courses will take place on campus and on line.

PAGE, Ariz. –  Coconino Community College in Page has some great plans for the community and it wants to continue to be responsive to community needs, said Kay Leum, Director of Special Projects and Grants at the college.  

Leum is a veteran of the community college scene. Coconino Community College (CCC) is the third community college she has worked with.  

Coconino Community College has been a part of Page since 1991 when CCC’s leadership voted to establish a satellite branch. Since then, the college has provided courses for the community in continuing education, workforce development, and courses to spark personal interest, hobbies and skills.  The college continues to offer courses and is open to enrollment now, for the spring semester.

One of the things CCC is expanding this year is its popular Ed Talks, which are presentations on a variety of topics similar to “Ted Talks” on the radio. The college has been sponsoring them for about three years now. In the past the college has put on three or four of them a year but they’ll be presenting seven this spring alone.

Most of the Ed Talk presents are locals with some kind of expert knowledge about a particular subject, such as George Hardeen, who is a relative of the famous magician and escape artis Harry Houdini.

Dudley Gardner will be presenting an Ed Talk about archaeology in New Zealand.

“The Ed Talks are great,” said CCC Director Jim Hunter. “It enriches the community which is something we’re trying to do more and more.”

The mission of Coconino County Community College is to create a learning-centered college, that enriches lives by embracing diversity and transforming the future through quality education.

As part of that mission, the college is establishing a new educational program which will offer a number of courses and opportunities to benefit the Page area including workforce development, training in the trades and personal interest and hobbies.   

Some of the courses include Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (offered in Summer 2019); Social Media Marketing; Microsoft Excel (Beginning and Intermediate); Critical Computer Skills; Better Service Series-Cultural Awareness for Asian, European, Navajo and other cultures; Archaeology in New Zealand; Rock Art Around the Pacific Rim; Dog Grooming; Tennis; Cardio and Total Body Fitness; and Honky Tonk Dance.  More classes are available by browsing the course catalog.

The non-credit classes range in price from $35-$70.

Road Scholar programs are expected to be offered as well.   Many professions require continuing education credits (CEU) to keep qualifications current and the college plans to provide these types of courses as well.  

CCC’s Page branch has greatly expanded its online class offerings too, using Zoom technology. According to Hunter, the Zoom technology makes it feel like the student is in the classroom with the students who are in the physical classroom.”

“Comparing Zoom technology with the previous online classroom technology is like comparing a TV with bunny ears to today’s HD TVs,” said Hunter.

Funding for the College comes from different sources.  State appropriations from the legislature, property taxes, and tuition and fees.  Comparing the county to other counties in the State of Arizona, the property tax rate allocated to funding of this community college is the lowest of all counties in the state and 2/3 lower than the next higher funded community college.  Last November, a portion of the property tax that had been used to fund the college was not continued by the majority of voters, resulting in a cut in funding for the college.  The portion of State aid for community college districts has been reduced by 64.2% between 2009 and 2018.  Despite these funding shortfalls, the College is working to make the best of the situation by providing courses that are relevant to the community.   

While funding is an issue at the college, Leum is working hard to provide opportunities to the community.

If there are classes you would like to see offered, or if you have knowledge or skill that you would like to teach others, or any other feedback, Leum welcomes you to contact her at 928-645-6682 or [email protected]  



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