Balloon Regatta and Vendor Fair big success

Page residents and visitors alike enjoyed a fun-filled weekend.

Some Page residents and visitors were disappointed with the Balloon Regatta’s non-launch Saturday morning and no balloon glow that evening – both events cancelled due to unsafe wind conditions – but they got to witness a spectacular balloon launch Friday morning. Though the balloon glow was suspended Saturday night, balloonists still put on a good show along Lake Powell Blvd. with a vivid burner demo.

The Vendor’s Fair, however left no one disappointed and it was the best turnout they’ve had in all the years they’ve been doing it, said Judy Franz, Executive Director for Chamber Page/Lake Powell.

“It was the best of them all,” she said. “We’re very proud of it. We had more vendors this year than any year previous, and we had a huge variety of booths, entertainment and music.”

This year’s fair had many vendors returning from previous years and also introduced several new ones. This year the Chamber advertised they were looking for new vendors on and welcomed several new and unique vendors to this year’s event.

“I like to keep things fresh, and I think we succeeded,” said Franz. “There was something for everybody. Area hotels, restaurants and many other businesses were slammed.”

Fair goers were also very pleased with this year’s musical performers.

“Level Rising, Echo Cliffs, and J.C. Hackett all have big fan bases in Page, and those fans turned out to see them,” said Franz. “And, of course, people loved DJ Serventi Saturday night, who really knows how to put on a great show.”

Creating and hosting a successful Regatta and Vendor’s Fair takes a lot of planning, coordination and work. The planning for each year’s event begins in early January, said Franz.



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