Artist of the Month, Georgia Johnson

Johnson paints using acrylics and makes ceramic pottery.

For painter Georgia Johnson, inspiration is around every corner.

"All you have to do is walk out your door," were her powerful, yet simple words

The self- taught artist, who seeks to mimic the rich texture of the Southwestern landscape, is known for her use of acrylics and her spin on impressionism to translate what she experiences daily into her own creations.

Johnson, one of the Lake Powell Museum’s Artists of the Month, sees no limitations on how the landscape can be interpreted and recreated into her own design.

Johnson’s first love is painting, but in recent years she has expanded her artistic interests to include ceramics, after taking some ceramics classes at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

With a personalized studio built into the heart of her home, Johnson is able to bleed the lines of her personal and professional life. From bright, detailed paintings of desert country road-runners to pottery baskets characterized by driftwood and sage, Johnson truly embodies the ability to listen to the language of the landscape. For those of us that yearn to explore the outdoors, like Johnson, the comprehensive skill to replicate the desert wildlife and burnt orange peaks is something to be revered.

Fans, visitors and readers alike can visit Johnson's creations in the "Red Cliffs Gallery" in the Southern Utah Art Guild of St. George, "The DiFiore Center for Arts and Education" in St. George, and "Gallery 873" in Ivins, Utah.

Johnson shares her spotlight as "Artist of the Month" with old time friend, Cordell Naseyoma, who illuminates his talent by creating Kachina dolls; exhibiting historical presence of native tribes.

Johnson beamed as she stated that she will be joining many other Southwestern artists this upcoming January of 2018 for the "Arts to Zion" festival. She will be located right off on Main Street, stroking her brushes and welcoming onlookers to view and relish in her creations.

Johnson has 12 paintings and several ceramics pieces on display at the Powell Museum, where they’ll remain until Nov. 30.


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