After working from home for a year, I returned to my office at Lake Powell Chronicle. It’s nice seeing the staff all together again, but I jump at opportunities to leave. This is one of the reasons I’m taking photos for “Around Town.” I get to wander around Page with a camera, see familiar faces and meet new people.

Page is truly a friendly town. I’m sure I’ll run into an occasional grump who doesn’t want their photo taken. That’s OK. They might be here under a witness protection program or something. I wouldn’t want to expose them to the 1,500 or so households and visitors who get the paper every week.

Wednesday, I had a good excuse to leave the office. I scheduled an interview with Tim Suan at City Hall.

Of course, I left much earlier than I needed to. It’s a 5-minute walk to City Hall from the office. I took the long way and took photos with a wide-angle lens on a Nikon.

The first stop was LP Espresso. Kimmy fixed a great iced vanilla latte. Looking at the photo, I see their clock is running 10 minutes late, or the time on my camera is 10 minutes early. I split the difference and go with 11:55 a.m. My appointment isn’t until 12:30 p.m.

My next stop is the new location for Page-Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce and The Hub Visitor Center. I was anxious to see what it looked like inside. I got there just in time to see Jordan with Lake Powell Printing putting on the new sign. Naturally, I had to go inside and look around. It’s nice and spacious, so I can see how the two entities fit together nicely.

Then I headed toward City Hall with time to spare.

I see Mark through the window at Hot N Sweet Coffee and Donut Shop. I took his photo too. He also makes a great vanilla latte. I’m glad I’d finished my LP Espresso latte. I wouldn’t want him to see me drinking it.

When I reached City Hall, I had 8 minutes to spare, so I took a few photos of the plaza. After that, I ran into Sheri at the doorway. I arrived 5 minutes early, so I wandered the halls of City Hall and caught people working and smiling. Bret was looking over architectural drawings, trying to keep a straight face while I photographed him. Cameras are so distracting.

Finally, at precisely 12:30, I reached my destination. I wonder who will get Tim’s tidy office when he leaves for Wickenburg this month. I think the city needs a staff photographer.

I missed seeing a lot of people working from home. It’s sad some have left or are leaving Page for better opportunities. We have some work to do here.

Kimmy at LP Espresso preparing a large latte.

Sheri Ptacek Page Community Development Administrative Assistant

Jordan Lapekas with Lake Powell Printing

Mark Self, owner of Hot N Sweet Coffee and Donut Shop

Gordon Lane at Page-Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce and The Hub Visitor Center

Page Building Inspector Brett Slavens

Page Memorial Plaza

Tim Suan at Page Memorial Plaza


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